50 Best CRM Software for Small Business: The Complete Guide


This is the ultimate list of 50 CRM software best crm software for small businesstools that are easy to use. Before you read on, did you know that

Only 20% of small businesses succeed in their first 18 months, says Bb.org.

The reason for such a huge failure is because of selfishness. I’ll explain later.

But guess what?

The right crm software can help you avoid failure that 80% of small businesses from around the world experience. You will succeed…

And if you’re looking for the best crm software for small business that is easy to use, you’ll find the top rated 50 tools right below.

Note: the crm vendors you’ll read below have been highly rated as the best by over 100,000 different customers who answered our survey last week.

We went this far to guide you in choosing the best small business tools that will give your ROI a boost.

Please if you’re looking for small business automation solution that will do everything for you, this article is not for you.

Inasmuch as the tools listed below are user-friendly, reliable and affordable, you still must do some work. You also follow the same rule when selecting a web host solution for your site. If you want your site to always be up and running, then a VPS solution is needed. The basics in VPS hosting is to give you enough room, without interference from others or server clogging.

The truth is that if you can easily navigate, set up new campaigns and track efficiently with your preferred content relationship management software, then nothing can stop you from increasing your sales.

The challenge facing small business owners in this age of technology is the fact that 84% of software tools are difficult to use. You’re an entrepreneur, not a programmer or tech geek – I think so.

You want a simple crm solution that you can understand within 1 minute of logging into your member’s area, isn’t it so?


1.   Infusionsoft.com

infusionsoft crm

Among the various tools for getting organizing customer data, sales and relationship, infusionsoft stands out.

Currently, over 24,000 small and mid-sized business owners are actively using it.

Productivity is no longer a question of waking up early before other people and rushing to work, it’s about using the right tools that can improve your focus [source].

You can automate, track sales and leads, schedule follow up and do much more with infusionsoft. In a nutshell, it saves time.

Integrates with major email marketing software e.g. Getresponse, MailChimp, Aweber, accounting software like FreshBooks, Sage etc.


2.   Batchbook.com


I recently stumbled on Batchbook.com. I quickly emailed the founder to find out how easy entrepreneurs can use it.

Trust me, I was blown away: you can instantly set up your account and the good thing is that the major social media platforms are integrated like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.

This business intelligence solution (BI) is designed to help you follow-up on all inquiries, easily track the sales cycle and get a custom phone and email address for your business communications.

You can even Go Mobile, sync with unlimited users and win more sales. Batchbook integrates well with mailchimp, quickbooks, eventbrite, eventbrite, freshbooks, hootsuite.


3.   Zohocrm.com

zoho crm

An exceptional CRM that enhances your business from the inside out – your data is always safe & secure. You don’t really have to commit anything; not your money or time because you get to Pay as you Go.

With Zoho CRM, you’ll always enjoy the best customer support, and position your business to sell more, while spending less on automation.

Finally, this software is designed to aid lead generation, follow-up and sales tracking. It doesn’t get better than that.


4.   Salesforce.com

salesforce tools

If you haven’t heard about salesforce.com, you may have been living under a rock. Clomedia.com increased sales productivity by making use of this software.

When doing business, you need a way to connect with customers without asking them to provide so much information.

I know you want to grow your business, and close more deals, why not use this business solution to save more time, and dedicate it to engaging your customers.

The truth is that your customers want to communicate more and get to know how you can support them.


5.   Onepagecrm.com

onepage crm

One page crm is awesome. It’s pretty new but the effectiveness it brings to sales pipeline and content management is second to none.

According to customers who use it, it’s almost zero admin sales – in other words, you don’t have to manually do anything to effect the sales process.

It’s hands-free once you set it up. The follow-up system is bulletproof. Yes, you can integrate seamlessly with other Apps that you use.


6.   Insightly.com

insightly crm

It’s time to improve customer communication in your industry. Insightly.com is a tool designed to help you collaborate and organize with your team.

You can add several users, store contacts and sales history. If productivity matters to you, then use this app to sync with major email & accounting solutions out there.

It gives efficiency in collecting data, following up on existing and new customers as well as identifying what they need most – through their history and search queries.


7.   Addresstwo.com

addresstwo crmWhile researching the best crm software for small business, I actually missed out on this software. Addresstwo is designed for marketers who want to generation leads and follow up on such leads.

It’s time to cash in on your customer database with a bigger plan. Once you understand the successful business is done through relationships you’ve built over time, not just the customers themselves.

With Addresstwo.com, you can develop a formidable system for getting new relationships, which would boost your sales on the long run. How easy can you track relationships? Find out when you use this tool.


8.   Capsulecrm.com

capsule crm

With capsulecrm.com, it’s extremely easy to keep efficient track of customers you do business with.

Gone are the days when you could jot down their names and address on a piece of paper or diary. There are potential opportunities of growing your small business when you keep track of customers and nurture that friendship.

Because business isn’t a one-way stairway – you’ve to engineer a funnel to communicate and cement the relationship you’ve with your potential customers. It’s simple to use, highly effective and you’re not confined to any rule because it’s flexible.

Let’s organize our emails and manage all sales pipelines. These are important stages of building a sustainable online or offline business – take the growth capsule today.


9.   Highrisehq.com

Highrise Hq crm

When you search for the best crm software for small business, highrise HQ usually pops out in Google results. I kept asking myself what makes the vendors thick and finally got the right answers.

I’ve interviewed beginners who just signed up to Highrise what their take home on the software, and here’s what 87% of them said. “It helps our printing business to track tasks as well as set reminders for the days ahead.

Taking notes and keeping contacts safe while managing communications all at the same time is easy with Highrisehq.com.

The great thing about this solution and why your small business needs it is that you can easily import contacts from any email marketing provider e.g. Getresponse, Aweber, MailChimp, icontact and so on.

Tim Ferris, the All Time Author of “The Four-Hour Work Week” personally vouched for this service – he’s a proud customer.


10.   Intouchcrm.com

intouch crm

If you’re looking for small business software that you can easily integrate into email marketing and increase your ROI, intouchcrm.com is where the goldmine is.

You can use their web forms to capture new leads and start communicating with them. As a business owner, you need one central point where all inquiries, contacts and leads are stored to assist in sales and marketing.

Most people find it difficult to convert leads into customers and the reason is simple: they’ve not allocated the right resource to the leads.

If your sales and relationship funnel is effective, it’d be easy to turn cold leads into paying customers because these people had already indicated interest in your products/services. If they weren’t your target audience, why did they come to your site the first time?

Let’s build a loyal email list and use efficient automation from ‘intouch’ to follow up and cement the bond. Finally, you can collect vital data from customers and segment them accordingly – gradually you’ll build up momentum and thus, increase your sales.


11.   Tactilecrm.com

tactile crm

In 2009, voices.com was challenged to increase their conversion rate. They contacted Kevin Woodberry and here’s what he did to take their conversion rate from 24% to over 400% within a short time.

He analyzed 510 visitor surveys, as this would help them understand the demographics of people who visit the voices.com site.

The truth of the matter is, before you can analyze customers’ contact, you need an effective tool and tactilecrm.com is here to help.

It’s cleverly designed to track conversations you had with your customers, tracks the contact and sales history. Tactile content relationship management system assists in organizing your business so that it can integrate into major apps out there.


12.   Lessannoyingcrm.com

lessannoying crm

How do you study your customers’ analytics report?

Lessannoyingcrm.com does what the domain name says, it’s simple to use, affordable and the support is awesome.

As a small business owner, you’ve to understand what Woodberry calls, “persuasive assets” – that special feature that will cause a strong interest in the minds of prospective customers.

The less you focus on vanity metrics, the better for you. That’s what this crm software helps you actualize – because you get to track your new and existing customers’ data and follow-up with them more efficiently.

Using a crm application that takes away the hurdle and give you instant access to features that will grow your business should be the focus.


13.   Lanterncrm.com

lantern crm

Up until this time, you may not have used a simple customer relationship application that enables automatic email sync.

Well, the Lanterncrm.com is all you’ll ever need to actualize that goal. It has a built-in phone capability, a spread sheet view and you’ve the option to schedule and send your emails letter.

With Lantern, if you mistakenly deleted something, it’s easy to restore everything to its original state. Your sales pipeline is nothing you don’t joke about – because without it, every other feature would fall by the way side.

Google integration is easy and oftentimes, you get to a point when dealing with customers that you must manage recurring tasks; the dashboard and training guides will show you everything you need to know.


14.   ContactMe.com

contactme crm

According to redbooth.com, time tracking is a step towards improving your productivity as a small business owner. You can’t afford to get stuck with your business contacts and still expect to run a profitable business.

Contactme.com is that tool that generates accurate data, while you track your tasks using a to-do list and calendar that’s well mapped out for that very purpose.

Also, you know that the impression you create in the minds of customers affects 76% of sales and 45% lead generation. By using this application, you’re going to save time and allot that to impressing your customers.


15.   Workbooks.com

workbooks crm

This customer relationship management is highly flexible. You’ll need this to fulfill your business requirements. In effect, you could use workbooks.com as it is or simply configure it to automate the processes for you.

Using an API, you can integrate other applications that are relevant to your small business smooth operations. The training section is user-friendly and terms of configuration are accessible to everyone.

Although, you may encounter bugs during configurations, but there is a guide to help you. And the customer support is reliable.

Use workbooks to track and manage customer interactions that take place across the life cycle – which usually transforms a lead to a paying customer.


16.   Pipedrive.com

pipedrive crm

Thibaut Rouffineau, Founder and COO, Apptual won his first customer after few hours of setting up a Pipedrive account.

If you’re a small business with and you want to join the big leagues, in other words you’ve a big goal; I think you’ll find success with Pipedrive.com.

It has a visual sales pipeline that’s ideal for a team. If you want to collaborate with your team and work seamlessly, the simple visual platform may be right for you.

Avoid distractions and just focus on the right deals, which is why salespeople run with it. It’s pretty user-friendly and you either use it on your PC or Mobile device.


17.   Getbase.com

getbase crm

Do you want to create actionable insights from the activities of your sales team? Several companies have chosen ‘Base’ because it’s a productivity tool that always give accurate forecasts, in order to help your business close more deals.

Small business challenges[i] usually springs up when they start to make assumptions about the customer.

But you can be certain about this, by tracking & managing customers while tracking sales at the same time. That’s what getbase.com can do for your business.

All of these activities that a simple crm tool helps you do will consequently grow your business, says Jason Mills of Expensify.com


18.   Solve360.com

solve360 crm

This modern crm application is essential for a team that wants to remain in sync with one another and the project they’re working on. It integrates with Google Apps, and helps you love Google more while growing your business.

The iPad, iPhone and Android Apps are developed using HTML5, to give you that flexibility when you’re on the go.

With solve360.com, you’ll be playing at your own strength. Because it contains customizable features for your fields so that you can unarguably integrate this into your small business processes.

Let’s you manage clients (both the fresh and old ones). With this modern customer relationship management service, you’ll stay focus on deals, organize your projects and save bunch of time.


19.   Timetonote.com

timetonote crm

Timetonote.com is safe and secured small business software for collaborating with your team. You can use it to share contacts with your team, because it integrates with Gmail so that you can add or delete contacts directly on the member’s area.

You can forward a CC or BC email to timetonote and your contacts will get it. It’s easy to integrate into Google Calendar, Google App Engine and Google Web Toolkit (GWT). More features abound:

Import/export contacts, search the customer database and label your contacts specifically, so that you will recognize the right message and sender.

Keep tracks of tasks and examine the communication history with co-workers. Finally, you can attach files and send in a simple, flexible and elegant manner.


20.   Salesnexus.com

salesnexus crm

Salesnexus.com is an all-in-one small business application. A lot of success stories have been documented by entrepreneurs who use it to automate and manage emails every month.

It’s online crm software for keep track of customers’ contacts, track the sales history, select up to 500 contacts and send more than 25,000 emails per month.

This CRM with email marketing software is rolled into one powerful system that will enable you target, connect and convert leads.

This software tool is built by sales people who understand the psychology of buyers and every salesperson can use it.

Use this tool to generate qualified leads, nurture them and easily close sales without sounding like a jerk. This is the only tool that’s similar to salesforce.com.

21.    Salesnexus.com: built by sales people for sale people. Tools to generate and nurture leads as well as close sales. It’s similar to salesforce.com
22.    Worketc.com: combines crm with projects and billings, capture leads and convert to customer
23.    Salesforce.com: #1 sales automation solution for small business
24.    Act.com: more time, more relationships,
25.    Maximizer.com: for improving sales and customer service
26.    Bitrix24.com: organize and track interactions with potential and existing clients, reports and sales funnel
27.    Sagecrm.com: ability to connect and understand your customers
28.    Sap.com: unparalleled customer engagement, quick and easy sales & marketing, and customer insights
29.    Oncontact.com: award winning CRM – contact manager, sales, help desk, free trial
30.    Vtiger.com: improve sales conversion, extend marketing reach, build lasting customer relationships
31.    Pega.com: industry best-crm solutions, including call center, deliver intelligent,
32.    Impulsecloud.com.au: save time and money, flexible crm
33.    Pipelinersales.com: empowers small, mid-sized businesses, close more deals and lower risks, implementation and training
34.    Centralstationcrm.com: web-based crm software, run the 30-day trial
35.    Civicrm.com: open source crm, grow and sustain relationships, contacts, reports, sales management
36.    Reallysimplesystems.com: run your sales and marketing, with email marketing and a lot of templates
37.    Dea.com: resource scheduling, contact management, contact tracking
38.    Avidian.com: Transforms Microsoft Outlook into CRM sales, sales management, opportunity management, emails and calendar
39.    Tallemucrm.com: for local businesses, sales and marketing automation, accounts integration
40.    Crmpro.com: customer support, contact management, sales and support
41.    Adaptcrm.com: improves contact and customer relationships
42.    Activenetwork.com: golf customer relationship management solutions, Data capture including driver’s licencing scanning, reporting
43.    Insphire.com: increase customer loyalty, improve prospect management, build long lasting business
44.    Commence.com: improves sales conversion, manage teams, manage leads and sales cycle
45.    Goldmine.com: cloud-based crm, ease of use, integrates with constant contact
46.    Apptivo.com: small business contact manager software, lead management, marketing and help desk
47.    Superoffice.co.uk: online crm, available on mobile, best for small business with a clear vision
48.    Nimble.com: high end social crm for small business, power of social media
49.    Carmelvision: Leading CRM software in North America, simple to use and affordable
50.    Soffront.com: crm solution for sales, customer service and marketing, founded in 1992
51.    Salesmantra.com: cloud-based, user-friendly, create and manage contacts seamlessly. Best in India
52.    Connectorhq.com: manage sales process & sales team efficiently, stop ruining your customer service
53.    Tangocrm.com: user-friendy crm, work easier, more efficient, faster. Cloud computing