Best Marketing Automation Software for Small Business


Do you own or want to start a small businessmarketing automation software

Trust me; it’s an amazing world out there and also full of challenges.

Listen up; there is something powerful about automation. It can triple your income and save you bunch of time. I know because I use one myself…

My first start up was an event management app that makes it easy for clients to schedule appointments and keep in touch with everyone that’s involved in the organization.

While searching for the best marketing automation software that will serve my small business, I was left in the dark because there were very few honest reviews.

Even at that, you wouldn’t identify the ones that are coming straight from customers Vs reviews from the software developers.

Truth be told, marketing automation software for small business is everywhere, but knowing the right one that fits your business goals and mission is the key. I first started using, but later switched to

Why I love infusionsoft

When it comes to automation, infusionsoft does a fabulous job. But I actually switched to using the crm solution because of the additional training you’ll get once you’re logged on as a member. doesn’t do well at providing on-going training and instructions for using their application. I hate technical issues and wouldn’t want to encounter them in the day to day running of my small business.

I found that infusionsoft marketing automation software helps me stay organized, manage and track customers’ contacts, simplify the entire process and increase productivity in a significant manner.

When you automate your business, recent experiment shows that you can increase conversion rates by over 200%.

Save time and invest it wisely

Time is precious. Because time is scarce, you’ve to automate marketing, sales, email follow ups, send bills to clients if you’re a freelance consultant and manage customers’ contacts like a pro.

Any small business that’s built on a shaky foundation will collapse within the first 5 years, according to some research & survey.

Both salesforce and infusionsoft does a good job at helping you plan your day, schedule follow up emails that will go out to your customers all at once.

You can even segment the contacts and send specific and relevant marketing messages to each selected group.

A week ago, I did an infusionsoft reviews and I kept getting a lot of emails from my blog readers. They want to know which marketing automation tool is better considering the fact that both SF and IS are popular.

My answer has and will continue to be the same:

If you’re a small business that has a big goal of improving conversion rate, setting up a campaign and have everything automated for you even while you sleep, infusionsoft should be your best choice.

On the other hand, if you want more sophistication in your small business, such that you’re able to position your brand gradually and not bother about increased return on investment for the first few months, salesforce will do the job.

When I started using infusionsoft in 2013, I found that processing credit cards and tracking transactions history was simple.

In 2012 when I was actively using salesforce, I hadn’t created my own product yet. So I’m not in the position to write a review of how they can help you sell online.

Marketing takeaway

At this point, it doesn’t really matter the marketing automation software you choose (infusionsoft or salesforce), what truly counts is that you take action and start pushing your brand to the forefront.

Competition is getting fiercer by the day and unless you craft a compelling unique selling proposition, not much can be accomplished in your small business – whether online or offline.

If you want my candid recommendation, I think you should try infusionsoft for free and see whether or not it’s worth it.