What is Infusionsoft – 10 Things To Know About Infusionsoft?


Question: what is infusionsoft?

Answer: Infusionsoft is a customer relationship management company that helps small business owners as well as large firms to manage their customers contacts, tracks sales and automate email follow up processes.

Gone are the days when you’re required to keep a daily record of product sales, refunds, complaints and transaction history.

With this piece of software, it’s all a matter of setting up a record and input the necessary information. This post is not necessarily an infusionsoft review, rather, it’s my honest take since I started using it.

You and I know there are several thousand crm software for small business that’s available for sale on the internet. But the challenge is how to know the right one that will produce the desired result for your business.

Having known what infusionsoft stands for, it’s now time to know whether you should use it or just move on to another customer relationship and automation solution.

Listed below are 10 things you can expect if you decide to use this software tool:

1.   Automation saves time

As automation software for small business, I personally found that infusionsoft saves a lot of time that you can invest into some other viable projects. Techtarget.com experimented few years ago and discovered that businesses that automate tasks will save reasonable amount of time and money.

When you’re a startup or still getting your feet soaked in the business world, your precious time can be short-changed if you don’t know how to invest it wisely. Getting more prospects to buy your product will increase your rate, which is why focusing on that aspect is key to small business success.

As you pay and invest in marketing automation, “you’ll understand the difference between working on and in your business,” says automationheroes.com

2.   Infusionsoft boost sales turnover

Understanding your customer base is among the 8 tips to increase turnover,” says is4profit.com. You know that without qualified customers, your income would drown and the joy of running a small business will no longer be there.

Do you really know who your ideal customer is?

If you’ve been wondering how they discovered you on or offline and what their motivations were at the time, infusionsoft sales software will deliver these vital metrics to you. The more you know who, and what they’re looking to buy, you can easily craft your marketing message to appeal to them.

Get to know customer demographics, the psychology behind their purchases. All these would help you focus on the most viable customers that will bring in the most profit for you.

3.   Organization

what is infusionsoft

All over the world, business owners struggle to manage contacts and schedule tasks efficiently. And the major reason is because there is so much on the to-do list for the day.

Customers who use infusionsoft testified that the tool helps to simplify the day. When the day is simplified using one central application, it’d leave you organized and even your team.

National Academies Press (NAP) said that business organization can only be possible when accurate data has been collected. And that’s where infusionsoft steps into the game.

With their powerful central location, you can track customer interactions, track sales history; mine data for decision making and schedule follow up emails at the push of a button.

4.   Sell online quickly

Thad Rueter, the Senior Editor of InternetRetailer.com highlighted that e-retail spending is going to increase by 62% in 2016. Which means it’s time for you to sell online.

As a small business owner, there comes a time when you’ll create a product that will provide additional solution for your target audience. You could write an e-book, develop or hire a professional to develop software for you.

No matter the product you’ve planned to launch into the marketplace, you need a reliable payment gateway that can seamlessly process credit cards, and make checkout simple.

If you’re still asking, “what is infusionsoft and what other benefits will it bring to your business apart from managing customers’ contacts, automating sales and saving your time” then understand that you can sell your product online.

5.   Analyze & evaluate your business

Truly, you can use the valuation calculation to determine the value of your product, but when it comes to analysing what’s going on behind the scene, most business valuation tools can’t do much.

Infusionsoft.com has been for a long time, and continues to thrive because you can utilize their easy navigations and features to evaluate your social media efforts, marketing techniques and sales methods.

It’ll also audit your website and pinpoint the vital areas that need optimization. Then you can grab that scorecard and improve your sales conversion as fast as you can.

6.   Infusionsoft Mobile is flexible

Melissa Wilson, a photographer was able to manage contacts, and trigger the right follow up emails with added tags. This is flexible to use and whether you’re at home or office, you can set up campaign to call, email and text your contacts.

The truth of the matter is that you don’t have to work on your business at all times, before success can be recorded. Now it’s impossible to lose contacts with your leads and customers – because you’ve their personal information at your fingertips.

Modern small business owners need solutions that appeal to them. This information age is all about taking advantage of technology tools to stand out in the crowd and infusionsoft.com would get you there if you use it according to guidelines.

7.   Live chat is accessible

Recent study by econsultancy.com revealed that, “65% of American Shoppers agree that live chat is one of the factors that inspire them to buy products online.” You’ll agree with me that getting access to a personal support can act as a persuasive gem for your business.

As you use any customer relationship management software, you’re likely going to encounter technical issues in areas of billing, follow up emails, and challenges that falls in-between.

How do you solve them when you’re not a technical geek?

Trust me; the live chat at infusionsoft is one feature you’ll love. When you log in to the live chat, you can easily get your bugging questions answered in a timely and friendly manner. Although there may be glitches like delay, but with a little patience, your questions will be addressed.

8.   Follow up with bills

Freelancers and small business owners can’t afford to ignore sending bills to request for funds.

I started out online as a freelance writer and one thing I needed so desperately was simple software that will enable me send invoice to my clients and have them pay me.

But what happens when you don’t get the payment after 3 – 7 days? Do you forget about it or conclude that your client is inconsiderate.

If your chosen small business software doesn’t allow you to follow up with bills that you’ve already sent, frustrations will set in. When that happens, you might be forced to quit or start seeking for an alternative high-paying job.

Infusionsoft.com gives you flexibility in following up with clients on issue related to inquiries, bills and questions.

9.   Infusionsoft will improve productivity

Foxbusiness identifies the 4 unconventional ways to improve productivity for the employee, but guess what, you can apply that your small business. After all, business owners were once employers – at least the majority.

One of the key ways of improving productivity is by having “flexible work hours.” In other words, you’re not grounded in your business and you’re not obliged to get to work by 8.00 am only to come back home by 6.00 pm.

Infusionsoft will automate 79% of your daily tasks especially the essential ones like email follow up, customers’ contacts information, the history of purchases and even the communications before closing the sale.

I think this is good news for you, because once you set up a campaign, you can literally go to bed, take vacations to the Bahamas and relax with peace of mind, knowing that your products are selling, customers are satisfied and bills are sent (that is, if you’re a service provider).

10.   On-going small business training

Before I switched over to infusionsoft solutions, I’ve used capsulecrm.com. I was impressed with their simplicity and honesty, but the area that should be improved upon is the on-going training.

One of the benefits of being a member of any site is the training you get. Because learning how to run a successful small business isn’t a one-time thing. You’ve to continually upgrade your knowledge-base in order to stand tall in the marketplace, considering the level of competition.

Already, there are several training videos you can watch, and study materials that can guide you along the path of success as you deal with customers/prospects.

You may not get free indepth video trainings weekly, but you can expect that every fortnight.

Automate your business

Do you work with a team that has a strong culture on customer service, sales and continual training, if yes; infusionsoft may just be the right solution for you.

But don’t take my word for it, try them out for free and see the value it can bring to your business.

Remember that you don’t have to be in BIG business before you can earn BIG profits. It’s all a matter of automation – and that’s where real business success hides.

Are you still asking “what is infusionsoft?” I don’t think so. But if yes, click here to visit the site and learn more.