Best Inventory Software for Small Business


Ready to track sales and get organized?   infusionsoft inventory software

As a small business owner, you need to automate some of the tasks or else, you’ll not move forward and compete in the marketplace.

That’s where inventory software will come in handy. Since 2007 when I took my real estate consulting business online, I’ve used 4 inventory solutions so far.

This post is not your typical review where I try to get you to buy anything. Far from it.

The truth of the matter is that even if you didn’t buy the software, I strongly believe that you deserve to know the truth.

We’re in the world to make it a much better place, and not just for the money per se.

So, without much ado, let me introduce you to the best inventory software for small business. I’ll also show you why I prefer to use this solution instead of the other ones.

But before I show you the best that will serve you like a concerned waiter, let’s know what inventory software does.

What will you achieve with inventory software?

There are several small business management software available, and each of them performs a definite goal.

For example, Hootsuite & Sprout Social are used for tracking social media profiles. You can also use the solutions to understand what your audience is saying about your brand.

Again, Sage and Quickbooks are for accounting purposes primarily. They help you organize your financial life, and set up a payroll system.

But let’s say that you’re a retailer who sells daily. You need to track orders, sales made and the deliveries you’ve done so far, as well as the refunds and chargebacks.

If you’re in the manufacturing industry, the inventory management software can be used to manage production and related queries so that the business will continue to flourish without hiccups.

That’s what the software is all about. And that’s why you need one.

Introducing: Infusionsoft CRM

best inventory software

You can learn all about Infusionsoft, but the most important thing to remember is that it’s the all-in-one CRM, which helps a small business entrepreneur to track orders, manage daily or weekly sales, create inventory, store customer contacts, automate sales and even follow up on customers who didn’t complete their orders.

Of course, Infusionsoft isn’t the best inventory software for small business, but it’s one of the top rated solutions by users. Before I started using infusionsoft software, I was skeptical because the price isn’t that friendly. But I later realized that pricing isn’t the issue, but the performance and trust me, Infusionsoft is great for you – just try and see.

3 core features of infusionsoft

1.   Get organized: you and I know that running a small business can be difficult, especially at the early stages of acquiring customers and trying to build trust. With this software though, you can get organized by simplifying your tasks for the day.

Instead of taking every task at a go, you can use the easy to use system to schedule everything and relax.

2.   Close sales: you can identify hot leads: people who have indicated interest in your product, but deserted your store due to one reason or the other. It’s easy to set up follow up messages that will persuade and close the sale. It’s that easy.

Imagine being able to convert customers who left your site. It’s one of the best ways to actually kill the competition that is trying to ground your small business.

Using manual techniques or trying to use email marketing software may never work, but Infusionsoft will deliver on purpose.

3.   Analyze & Evaluate efforts: another reason why infusionsoft is one of the best software inventory software for small business is because you can analyze everything, no matter how little.

Oftentimes, you may find yourself putting in so much effort into your business, but at the end of the day, you ask yourself what’s the point.

The truth is that you’ve not been analyzing – because when you do, it’d be possible and easier to evaluate efforts and if possible, improve on it or just slow down.

Doing business online isn’t all about making money and connecting with customers. It’s about freeing up time for your lovely family, so that they can feel your warmth and be at peace with you.

Over to you

What exactly do you want to achieve in your small business? Is it sales, automation, effective customer management, sales inventory & tracking?

Then try Infusionsoft for free. I believe you’ll recommend it to your colleagues.